The mill tour

There is a self-contained complex of mill machines and devices in our mill, all of which manufactured by the Prague company “J. Kohout – factory for manufacturing mills and machines”, installed between 1934 and 1949. The only exception is the grinder from the 1940s, manufactured by the company J. Prokop and sons, Pardubice. In 1992 we built an outer receipt line for corn and finished a supply bin above the flour agitator. We also installed a new glass tubing under the cleaner of semolina and plansifer.

All the machines in our mill have naturally undergone a thorough technical inspection. This technical sight brings us joy which we would like to share with you. You can see the devices here on our virtual tour, or in operation if you visit us.


In this machine the corn is cleaned (from straw or dust) before milling and also other objects, bigger than a standard grain (e.g. small stones or bigger grains), are removed.

Rotary cleaner

It was also called “the cockle machine”. Smaller objects are removed there before milling (e.g. broken pieces of grains, formerly corn cockle).


In this device the whole grain including the sprout is peeled (scoured) before milling. The oil in the sprout woud otherwise cause the flour go rancid and that would adversely affect the storage of the flour.

Pulverizing equipment

It counts among the most important machines in the mill. So called grist is pestle while it passes between two rotating rollers moving in opposite directions. In the picture the pulverizing equipment for scrapping is presented. In the mill it is accompanied by Flour stand on the one side and Rye stand on the other.


This machine serves for sorting the grist using a sieve system. It is free-hanging and that enables the modules with the sieves to move properly and hence sieve.

Double cleaner of semolina

It sorts semolina according to size using sieves and cleans it with a flow of air.

Bag pressure filter

A machine that is connected to cleaner of semolina. It catches the waste dusty parts of grist while semolina is cleaned in cleaner of semolina.

Flour mixer (tubular)

In this device so called passage flours are mixed completely and thus type flour is gained. All the flour is then homogenous.


They transfer corn, grist and flour in the mill during the milling process.


A machine for processing waste in the mill or rough grinding itself.

Transmission shafting

A powered shaft embedded in bearings on which several pulleys are. These drive-belt pulleys, using a flat belt, traject force to driven pulleys attached to component devices in the mill.

Decimal scales

An important tool that fixes that the weight complies with the numbers on the packing.

Bench for belt repairs 

This tool facilitates work a lot.

Corn receipt line

A new gadget which spares our time, arms, back, sacks - compared to earlier times.

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