Meet Us

We are the seventh generation of the Veselý millers family that manages the millhouse at the present time. All of us are trying to live according to the tradition of a millhouse life. However, it wouldn´t work without enthusiasm, good mood and persistence as well as good health and joy of our work. Our aim is to pass the millhouse and the homestead to the ones to come who will manage them after us. The mill is resting now, but it is still eager to work...
It´s wonderful setting, baroque building and a unique functional technology from the first half of the twentieth century bring us reminiscences of our ancestors craft and their skills.

A pond with a mill-race and a weir, farming buildings with their lands, 3 hectares of fields and 1,5 hectare of wood and a residential building also belong to the mill homestead.

Many animals live here with us and we all enjoy it.